Dr. Aleese Moore-Orbih, BA, MA, D. Min.

Aleese has over 15 years of leadership experience in family violence advocacy, 20-years of experience in Pastoral leadership and Women’s Spiritual Direction. Aleese’s specialization has been in equipping communities and advocates with the tools and knowledge they need to address the religious and cultural issues related to violence against women and child and youth exposure to domestic and sexual violence.

Aleese has been published in many faith-based publications and is the Editor of, You Are Not Alone, Book of Prayers & Meditations for Women, Editor, 2007 AVA Publication of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). As the WOCN System Training Program Director, Aleese oversees the consultation, coaching, training and program development to increase the capacity and effectiveness of federally funded state and local programs working with marginalized communities.

She directs the development and implementation of systems training provided to STOP Administrators, FVPSA Administrators, and other systems. In addition to systems programming, Aleese participates on the Program Team and provides input and participates in other WOCN, Inc. programs, including the Economic Policy and Leadership Program and the National Call to Action Program. As one of the Program Directors, she also participates in the overall capacity building of WOCN by identifying and building new program strategies, identifying partnership, contractual and grant opportunities, and assisting with grant writing. Dr. Aleese is located in the Southern Region.