This toolkit is the culmination of STOP Administrator data collection, Action Meetings, and Site Visits led by Senior WOCN Consultants.


The WOCN 3-Tier System Toolkit has 3 Sections listed below. We recommend for your first visit that you start with Section I and continue in number order. The first two sections provide the needed context for the toolkit, and provide crucial guidance in reflection, self-examination, and planning before implementation. 


We developed this toolkit to codify learnings and to support further STOP Administrator engagement with marginalized or “3-Tier populations”. We are happy to offer this online toolkit featuring the 3-Tier System with hopes that it will be a helpful vehicle to STOP Administrators and their local programs and grantees!


Aleese Moore-Orbih, Purvi Shah, and WOCN STOP TA Consultants Zoe Flowers and Smita Satiani, and WOCN staff Interim Executive Director Anzala Alozie.

Section I: Introducing WOCN’s 3-Tier System & Toolkit

WOCN, Inc. has worked in partnership with the Alliance of Local Service Organizations (ALSO) and the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) over the past several years to assist STOP Administrators in better identifying and reaching underserved populations.

Section II: Essential Tools 1 & 2 For Preparation

Section II addresses the importance of considering how you approach or come to the work of reaching 3-Tier populations, and identifies how mainstream philosophies, programming and strategies alone cannot effectively reach and resource underserved populations.
This section challenges you to examine your perceptions about identity and pushes you to further understand yourself, the purpose of your work, how you define success in reaching 3-Tier populations.

Essential Tool #1

How Do I Utilize a Social Justice Framework (Methodology/Core Values) in Working with 3-Tier System Populations?

Essential Tool #2

How Does an Ongoing Practice of Reflection Help Effectively Reach & Provide Resources to 3-Tier Populations?

Essential Tools 3-7 Offering "Promising Practices"

Section III contains promising practices that will assist in improving reach to 3-Tier populations. Essential Tool #3 provides instruction on identifying 3-Tier populations in your states and territories, and may help to generate new knowledge, trigger new questions, and unearth incredible potential for new and innovative strategies to effectively reaching and resourcing underserved populations. Section III will guide and help you develop the relationships that can produce access and resource sharing.

Essential Tool #3

Promising Practices for Identifying 3-Tier System Populations

Essential Tool #4

Promising Practices for Relationship-Building with 3-Tier System Populations

Essential Tool #5

Promising Practices for Becoming a Stronger Aspiring Ally

Essential Tool #6

Promising Practices for Providing Effective Technical Assistance to CBOs serving 3-Tier System Populations

Essential Tool #7

Promising Practices for Initiating Innovative Funding Strategies to Support and Resource CBOs Serving 3-Tier System Populations