Zoe Flowers

Zoë’s career began in Atlanta, Georgia where she served as the Public Awareness/Training and Membership Coordinator for the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence. After years of service, she accepted the role of Prevention Education Coordinator at the California Partnership To End Domestic Violence before moving on to serve as Director of Training and Technical Assistance at The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Director of Prevention at the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

She has appeared on National Public Radio, works nationally and has spoken internationally on the issue of domestic violence. Additionally, she is a holistic healer that provides self-care retreats to advocates and is a teaching artist, poet and playwright.

Her poetry can be found in anthologies such as; Stand Our Ground; Poems for Trayvon Martin and Marissa Alexander, Dear Sister, Letters From Survivors of Sexual Assault, several online journals and is the author of Dirty Laundry: Women of Color Speak up about Dating & Domestic Violence. Along with creativity and her dedication to wellness, Zoë brings over 15 years of advocacy, project management, primary prevention and anti-oppression expertise, training development and facilitation to her role as Program Manager. Zoë manages